Why Is Everyone Talking About DAVRATH E-RICKSHAW?

Davrath E-RICKSHAW is India's largest E-Rickshaw Manufacturers in India with a Strong Pan India Presence. Davrath introduced the Special Purpose Vehicle For Last Mile Connectivity.

Davrath is not only a hub where buyers and sellers can interact, it is also a comprehensive automotive portal with a forum dedicated to all automotive discussions, a blog that keeps the users up to date with the latest happenings in the automotive industry.

  1. HIGH LOAD BEARING CAPACITY : Davrath E-Rickshaw has High Load Bearing Capacity, Thus Ensuring a Great Product.

  2. ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY : Davrath understands the responsibility in creating the environment-friendly product to preserve the greatness of nature.

  3. ENERGY EFFICIENCY : Davrath E-Rickshaws are energy efficient, High on Performance Low in Maintenance and it has been designed to use energy in an efficient manner.

  4. LONG MAINTENANCE : Davrath E-Rickshaw is Ultra Low Maintenance. This makes your Life much easier.